"Blood Diamonds"book and the film "The Diamond Empire"

Special Offer - for customers living on low incomes in Africa or in India

This is particularly intended to help the many in Africa or India whose lives have been affected by the diamond industry or to help those who are working in these lands with them to help them achieve justice and fair treatment.

The film has never been seen on African or Asian television - although it was networked on American television and in the UK at peak viewing hours.

These Prices are for the updated illustrated edition on CD or for the un-illustrated Downloaded edition. Please note, if you do not have access to Pay Pal or to credit cards, or you have other difficulties in getting the book, email me.

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Downloaded Book without Illustrations by itself - 330 pages, indexed. Downloaded $2.50
Illustrated Book, full version indexed - over 100 photos - with Diamond Empire Film - both on CD Mailed - Cost included -Can download as well. $8.50

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This is for the Unillustrated Book "Blood Diamonds: Glitter and Greed and the Romantic Stone."

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The book is in the Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf) and readable with the free Acrobat Reader program available here, .

Pay Pal will now email me telling me you have paid - and send me the mailing address you have supplied to Pay Pal. I then send you by airmail the CDs you have ordered - or email the password for the downloaded book. Only if you have purchased the $8.50 set and also downloaded, will you have to email me separately for the password

The film is on a CD (not a DVD), it is feature length - and can be watched on nearly all computers - using any of the free and widely available programs Realplayer, Windows Media Player or Quicktime. It is available for a special price bundled with the book. The book is supplied as an Acrobat Ebook - readable and printable using the widely available free program Acrobat Reader - you can also download it here for free.

There are now two versions of the book,

A. is a large illustrated version supplied on a CD.

B. Not illustrated and downloaded from this page.

Both are substantial in information and size. The CD version (packed with the film) is 22 megabytes in sixe as it is amply illustrated with over 100 original and unique photographs taken inside the security zones of De Beers and other diamond mines, in the townships that house diamond workers, in outback Australia's diamond finds and in Indian and American diamond cutting workshops. The download is 1.2 megabytes - as it has only one photo in it.

Both versions of the book now have bookmarks to make them easier to navigate - with links to chapters and to subsections..~Both are now fully indexed.( Currently the footnotes references and notes are slightly more up-to-date on the CD version of the book.) Both versions take the story of De Beers and the diamond trade from Cecil Rhodes up until March 2002. Currently it is the only book to deal with the human rights record of the diamond trade. It is also unique in its coverage of working and living conditions in De Beers diamond mines - and the increasing use of child labour.

Both editions are supp;lied in Acrobat ebook format - easily read on screen or printed out - with the free Acrobat Reader (obtainable below - see Acrobat button). The book needs a password to open it. This will be supplied with the CD or by email for the download version when Pay Pal tells me of your payment by credit card or by cleared echeck. You can also pay cash by special arrangeement - email me.

There are two ways of getting the book.

1. The cheapest and fastest - download it from this website - you don't get the photos (but some are available on this website) or all the footnotes but the text is substantially the same. The book has some 330 pages full of information.. As soon as Pay Pal confirms your payment, I will send you the password to open it You should be reading it within 48 hours - usually much faster. The download button is below.

2. The illustrated 22 meg version - supplied on a CD sent to you at the same time as I mail out the film - normally within 48 hours of Pay Pal telling me that you have paid. If you are keen to start to read the book straight away, you can also download the book at no extra cost. If you do, email me for the password.

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When you try to open the book, you will be asked to type in the password. When you have done this you will be able to read it, print it out or use the comment and highlighter tools to put in your own comments or to mark the text. You will no be able to change the text.

If you have the Acrobat plugin, the book will immediately start to load into your brouser - but it is safer to wait until the book has finished downloading onto your computer. If you do not have this plugin, then you need the free program Acorbat Reader to later read the book. If you have not got it already, then you can download it for free from the link provided above. If you download, do remember to Save the Book to your hard-drive. (~if you are using the Acrobat plugin to read it in your brouser - you save it by using the floppy disk ikon, not the usual save command


Please note the edition of the diamond book sold here is a much up-dated version - so different from the samples currently available online which are from the 2000 edition. The film is as transmitted in the US except that it has been very slightly shortened to allow it to fit onto the CD Rom. This unfortunately has meant ommiting some of the glamour shots and credits.