Chapter 3. Was the United State's Own Diamond Mine Sabotaged?

 This chapter tells a gripping story of deep intrigue in Arkansas, of how the one and only American diamond mine was sabotaged, leaving the US diamond market totally dependent on the overseas mines of a price-fixing cartel. ~It tells how Henry Ford was denied the American diamonds he wanted for his car works, how Truman wanted the mine opened - and how Clinton got involved - and achieved nothing except some Arkansas diamonds for Hillary. It starts like this...

All the books I read about the diamond trade reported sadly the United States, the world's largest diamond consumer, was one of the few large countries without its own diamond mines. It was perplexing to me then when I found that some of the fine diamonds worn by Hillary Clinton came not from South Africa but from a little developed Arkansas diamond deposit. I was then astonished to find geological reports that this deposit was so rich that it would have been a major diamond mine if only it had been in South Africa. The story I then unraveled in Arkansas was of arson and sabotage - and many other strange events.

I was drawn to Arkansas when I discovered a formerly secret US government legal report that suggested sabotage prevented the development of a major diamond deposit in Murfreesboro, Pike County, a morning's drive west of the state capital of Little Rock.

I also saw copies of reports from eminent geologists who had worked in South Africa that stated American discovery this could supply the States with millions of its own diamonds.. I then saw US Justice Department lawyers records - that told me why they suspected that Ernest Oppenheimer had personally conspired to stop this being mined....

... the eminent geologist Doctor Henry S. Washington who reported it was a diamond bearing volcanic pipe comparable to those of the great South African mines. Washington... he stated that many white diamonds were flawless, as fine as any from South Africa, and that there were some yellow diamonds found were of exceptional colour and clarity. Kunz separately reported he had examined samples that 'are absolutely perfect and are equal to the finest stones found at the Jagerfontein (South African) mine or that were ever found in India.' ii

.... However there was another deeply buried assessment of the same diamonds by the Bureau of Mines. This was classified 'Strictly Confidential. Not to be Released under Any Circumstances.' ..

(and so the story got me more and more involved....-)