This chapter will be particularly important to the Jewish people of the diamond trade .

During the course of my investigation, I discovered the story of the diamonds stolen from Jews by Nazi Germany - and the story of Diamond Syndicate people who seemingly helped Germany get millions of vitally needed industrial diamonds. Much of what I discovered has never been published before.

I name here Diamond Syndicate people and companies who the Nazis said were willingly helping them - and give details of the large sums of money that changed hands. Here are some excepts to wet your appetite:--

British and American intelligence officers believed De Beers and its diamond syndicate guilty of much more than damaging the allied war effort while promoting themselves as "patriotic". They were convinced that while the Syndicate was curtailing diamond supplies to the Allied war factories in the United States, the Syndicate was helping to supply the Axis powers.

...Major Schmidt of the OSS reported "Ministry of Economic Warfare studies have indicated that the German stockpile of industrial diamonds will be exhausted by April 1944. It is believed that if this clandestine flow of industrial diamonds to the enemy could be minimised during the first six months of 1944, it might have an appreciable effect on shortening the war because of the absolutely essential nature of this product to many operations of the German war machine."(11)...

We found US intelligence reports on an extraordinary secret joint British-American investigation into how Hitler's Germany obtained the diamonds essential for cutting cut the steel, making ball bearings and drawing the wire needed for its weapons. The investigation, completed in 1944, found Germany was being supplied with these vital diamonds from the Congo and that this trade with Germany was protected by people in key positions in a British Government Ministry.

....In October 1943 Allied intelligence finally linked major Syndicate names to illicit diamond trafficking in the Congo. Two British agents reported to the Special Operations Executive office in Accra that ...


This chapter is long and packed with formerly secret information - some from German wartime sources