This is the advertisment published for my book, then called Glitter and Greed, by Transworld, the owners of Doubleday. It was in their "New Hardcover Titles" catalogue - published just weeks before the book was suddenly canceled due to opposition from "rich and powerful people" who had presumably been alerted to its coming appearance by reading this advertisement.

Glitter and Greed

The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel


Janine Roberts


RARE, ROMANTIC AND FOR EVER: The diamond industry depends on these myths to reap billions of dollars in profit. This sensational investigation explodes such fallacies and reveals how multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns create this impression of rarity and romance. It reveals too a very secret and unromantic world, one that is dominated and controlled by a handful of mighty corporations.

Taking us through seven decades of intrigue and manipulation that span the entire globe, Janine Roberts explores how control was wrested from the original syndicates; how the interests of the diamond industry and the secret services mysteriously coincided in developing African nations; and how the long arms of the diamond cartel reach into countries and their conflicts worldwide. For child labour in India, as much as the opulence of New York's diamond centre, has almost always been an integral part of the international diamond market from the days of Cecil Rhodes to the dramatic shifting of political power in today's South Africa.

From outback Australia to the frozen fields of Canada, Glitter and Greed uncovers an intricate web of power that serves one purpose: to preserve the diamond cartel's hegemony over the global supply of diamonds.


JANINE ROBERTS is a distinguished Australia journalist, television producer and writer. Glitter and Greed her fourth book, took over ten years to research. It recently inspired a highly acclaimed BBC2 documentary.

DOUBLEDAY NON-FICTION. TERRITORY WORLD. £16.99 NET. (The rights have now reverted to the author)

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