Janine Roberts on her classic 45ft 1905 yacht of teak and oak - from which she does much of her work.

Her Resume- including her films, books, articles and direct actions.

To review of her diamond book as 'brilliant' and 'gripping" in The Independent

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The Web Inquirer 1995-9 - Its original award-winning website - plus archive of articles on health, Aborigines, mysticism, gender etc

The Web Inquirer 2001 - Its second website - plus archive until 2001.

Australian Aborigines - some of her civil rightrs work

Iraq and the Middle East

The White House - the impeachable story of the Bush family and ARMSGATE

Diamonds - the real story

Gender and Spirit

Polio Rethought

AIDS rethink

Corporate Critique

Environmental Action

Spirt and Religion

Poems and Visions

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Her Films - see als link to her Resume above

  1. Aboriginal films - listing to come
  2. The Diamond Empire
  3. On medicine

Her Books

  1. On Aboriginal Issues- listing to come
  2. On Gender, being oneself, and Religion= 'Seven Days'
  3. On Tainted Diamonds= 'Glitter and Greed'