Learn about today's blood diamonds

Buy - your own CD copy of this unique and sensational investigative feature-length film shot in five continents and shown at a US Congressional Hearing on Human Rights

"The Diamond Empire"

And get the full story behind the film and campaign right up to date - in an author signed copy of the book

'Glitter and Greed"

(formerly called "Blood Diamonds")

The first uncensored version of the film available, it takes you

around the diamond world, showing how diamonds are mined and cut - and of the people who control this 'romantic' trade. See the vast secretive mines. Learn how Africa is robbed of wealth. Learn too of how diamonds have tragically affected the lives of Bushmen and Aborigines. The film comes with a separate portfolio of about 100 unique photographs.

"Glitter and Greed" Special NEW Book Deal - get your own discounted and custom-signed copy of a wonderful inspiring book - the story behind the film, telling of the hidden secrets of the diamond trade, and of a twenty year fight to reform the diamond trade, end abuses and to get clean diamonds. This is a well written, detailed and documented work.

This book was reviewed as" enthralling" and "truly brilliant" by The Independent's Literary Editor -- and as "the product of hair-raising research." it was also featured on CNN, CSPAN, the BBC and even Fox. Click on the diamond miner alongside to learn about the book, the film and this campaign,

click here to go directly to the page where both the film and book can be bought -and where there are free and other things

Mineworker on diamond rich Arican beach checks rock cracks for uncut gems.

To the review of the book by The Independent (calling it truly 'brilliant") and to further information on the film.

NEW December 2008- The Foreword for the Second Editon of Glitter and Greed - a report on previously concealed major health dangers. Learn how mining and cutting diamonds is wrecking lives. Read it here - get a taster of the book.

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