"Glitter and Greed" book and the film "The Diamond Empire"

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A. Special Offer - for my Film - The Diamond Empire - as reviewed and praised by The New York Times. The film comes with a free gift - a dossier of one hundred diamond photos - nearly all unique - many uniquely taken inside diamond mines or cutting workshops - nearly all by the author and film maker Janine Roberts. The film and photos come on a CD easily viewable on PCs and Apple computers. (Payment taken by PayPal using button below) It is cheaper if you are in Africa or on dole - email and ask us.

B. NEW Special Offer on 'Glitter and Greed', the new sensational diamond book - as seen on Fox and Friends top rating TV show, on CNN's business program and on Washington's C-Span TV- and as featured on about fifty top-rating radio shows. It is about 400 pages, cloth bound and indexed. Airmail postage to the USA from the UK is £9 (US$18.50) - so it could be cheaper from Amazon. However this is the only place where you can get the book signed! it is available via the credit card Paypal button. Retail Price is $22.95 Our Price $19.95 (about £11) plus postage

C. 'The Diamond Archive CD' We hope to make this available mid-2007 - too busy to do earlier - sorry. Buy it and you will obtain a most unusual and intriguing collection of fascimile copies of unique documents - many formerly classified SECRET.

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And - below you will find another new book of mine that tells of other aspects of diamonds - those that affected me personally! And there is a free booklet illustrated on surprisingly great health dangers in diamond mining and cutting...

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"The Diamond Empire"Feature length film on CD with diamond photo album.- the most international of filmed investigations ever - shot on six continents - the film that nearly killed its producer. The CD includes an exclusive library of about 100 photos taken in diamond locations by author.

Mailed airmail. Can be viewed easily on modern PCs and Macs in all regions.




'The Diamond Archive CD' coming soon - contact author for news $? To be availabe soon

THE Book - 'Glitter and Greed:The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel'

At last, at last, available in print - fully updated and just as hard-hitting - a sensational book - as reviewed in Boston Globe and featured on CNN, Fox and Friends etc and other 50 radio shows... and called "enthralling", truly "brilliant " and the product of hair-raising research by the Independent in the UK

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Hardback version - very few copies left- so please email first to check - price $22.95 plus $18 airmail from UK.

Softback version - via button below - with new coverage of diseases in diamond mines - $15 plus $15 airmail from UK

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The Seven Days of My (difficult) Creation

by Janine Roberts

just published 2006

This is my personal story of what made me a campaigning investigative journalist and film-maker - hopefully a frank and honest account of the evolution of my ideas and spirit, of gender and sexuality, of how I survived many battles, brought up children, sorted myself out and tried to achieve some wisdom.

I tell of what has inspired and sustained me, made me crazy enough to take on major corporations and governments - and to write poetry, and keep doing it for over 30 years. I write in this book not so much about the struggles of the Aboriginal nations, with whom I lived and worked for 15 years, but more about how this time enriched and taught me. Nowadays between advantures I love living as a hermit on a tossing and creaking hundred-year-old wooden boat that I have restored with my own hands - while writing and letting other adventures arrive in my life.

(It adds to Glitter and Greed - for it includes the story of my first encounter with small whitish pebbles called diamonds and of my subsequent dealings with De Beers and the diamond trade - as well as of an ensuing fight with the BBC that scandelously involved all its top people and Nicky Oppenheimer of De Beers.)



This book is available directly from the author signed - or not signed as you prefer. - 370 pages - indexed.

It is also available from Amazon and from all the top online bookstores. The US cover price is (US) $19.95 - the UK cover price £15.95

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it is my favourite and best bit of work - or so I think !






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How diamond mining and cutting is killing diamond workers by wrecking their lungs.

Special December 2006 illustrated Report by Janine Roberts on a hidden and totally frightening danger to diamond miners and cutters - a danger that may well have killed hundreds totally unnecessarily as dust control measures are readily available.

Read how diamond miners are unnecessarily falling cripplingly ill with silicosis, asbestosis and TB - all because of unsuppressed dust in diamond mines and gem-cutting workshops or factories.

This is urgent - lives are at stake - and we need action - so this is free - but donations of course always very welcome - as we have no regular income - all you give will go into campaigning.
Download from here for free.  

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The film is on a CD (not a DVD), it is feature length and made to high professional standards - it was well reviewed in the New York Times. It can be watched on nearly all computers - using any of the free and widely available programs Realplayer, Windows Media Player or Quicktime. It is available for a special price bundled with the book. The book is supplied as an Acrobat Ebook - readable and printable using the widely available free program Acrobat Reader. If you have not got this program, you can download it below for free.

Please note the edition of the diamond book sold here is a much up-dated version - so somewhat different from the samples currently available online which are from the 2000 electonic edition. The film is as transmitted in the US except that it has been very slightly shortened to allow it to fit onto the CD Rom. This meant omiting some initial glamour shots.

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