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This book is uniquely comprehensive.

Contents Page


Chapter 1 The Diamond Hunt.


The Founding of the Empire.

Chapter 2 How it began - the Oppenheimer Coup

Chapter 3 How America's own diamond mine was sabotaged.

Chapter 4 Selling the diamond myth (Manipulating Hollywood)


The Secret History of the Diamond Trade.

Chapter 5 Rationing and damaging the American war industries.

Chapter 6 How Hitler got the diamonds he vitally needed

Chapter 7 Selling Mobutu's diamonds to the White House.

Chapter 8 The wealthiest Secret Agent (and how he manipulated the White House)

Chapter 9 The secret movements of diamonds around the world

Chapter 10 The faking of diamonds


Diamond Mining and Cutting today

Chapter 11 Wild Diamonds and Aborigines.

Chapter 12 The secrets of the world's greatest diamond mine - in outback Australia.

Chapter.13 Dangerous frozen diamonds in the Arctic (Canada and Russia).

Chapter 14 The Crown of Shame (in Southern Africa)

Chapter 15 The child cutters of India.

Chapter 16 Defending the Empire.

Chapter 17 The Diamond Wars (dealing with the role diamonds played in recent and current wars in Africa. )


A Personal Epilogue

Chapter 18. The Dangers of the Hunt.

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