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This film was suppressed after being shown on US, Canadian and UK television - allegedly due to the pressure put by Nicholas Oppenheimer, Chairman of De Beers, on John Birt, then head of the BBC, and on Marmaduke Hussey, Chairman of the Board of the BBC. Under this pressure, the BBC agreed that this film not be sold to other television stations (and thus has not been seen on African television stations). In the US it became impossible to buy videos of the film. Yet this film has never been found libellous or proved inaccurate in court. No judgement was ever made against it. The broadcasters had simply caved in to pressure from De Beers, the company that rules the diamond world.

The response of the film's producer to this ban was to go out to South Africa and to show the film herself inside De Beer's own diamond mines to the mineworkers. She also stayed with the mineworkers in the Townships - learnt much more from them about De Beers - including how it was hiding just how rich its mines were in diamonds - and she herself is now selling here copies of the film so you can judge it for yourselves.

In Canada, a De Beers director lobbied government ministers to try to stop the film being shown - but failed in this after the Sierra Club's lawyers, the unions and the Dene came to the support of the film's exhibitors.

It is particularly sad that my diamond film was never on Australian television due to pressure from De Beers - it was withdrawn within days of being scheduled for transmission - as it was the most expensive and international television investigation every launched from Australia - and the first major investigation on television into what we now know as "blood diamonds"

Don't let it be censored. Buy the film, and the book if you can - and show them to friends who want to buy a diamond. We can make a difference. We can help reform this trade.

The film comes on a CD with a bonus, a collection of unique photos taken by the author since she made the film inside De Beers diamond mines , despite De Beers banning her from the mines (the first person banned since the rise of the ANC.) These photos reveal appalling condition for workers inside De Beers fantastically rich mines . To this is joined a collection of previously secret documents. Use of these photos and documents for educational and non-profit purposes is permitted

The story behind this film, of how the writer raised support to hunt down the diamond cartel's operations in six continents, is told in her book, reviewed opposite as 'enthralling' and 'brilliant'. It is a riveting diamond adventure, it tells of what happened when she was secretly road-showing the film around De Beers mining camps, how she was smuggled into De Beers largest diamond mines- where she found horrific conditions. She tells why US Justice Department lawyers believed De Beers damaged the US fight against Hitler - and why US Intelligence believed traitors in the UK government protected a large and lucrative secret diamond trade with Hitler. She tells of how enriched uranium was later smuggled into Africa disguised as a diamond shipment with the help of the US government. .She describes how De Beers directors lied and misled the BBC and WGBH in order to suppress her film - and how she later came to testify at the US Congress on De Beers and human rights

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This new edition is written in the light of September 11th - with much new investigative journalism never before published. It gives unique details of the link between African diamond mines, the United Arab Emirates and terrorists; it shows how the measures taken by the UN, the US, the UK and other nations to prevent this trade in "conflict diamonds" are likely to turn into nothing more than a PR exercise. It includes the author's testimony to a US Congress Hearing in 2001 on human rights and diamonds - and her requested assessment of a US government inquiry - and most importantly - it suggests a way forward.


With my feature length diamond film "The Diamond Empire" as shown to critical acclaim on American television, - you will now receive entirely free a unique portfolio of my diamond photos - giving you nearly 600 megabytes of gripping and original investigative journalism and film. Click Here to Obtain Book or Film.

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Glitter and Greed

This book brings to you what I found while investigating De Beers and the diamond cartel in 5 continents over 15 years. It is the full and real story of blood or conflict diamonds - from the First World War until today.

It tells how major diamond companies funded atrocities in Africa - and how child diamond cutters work in conditions defined by the UN as slavery, cutting the world's diamonds Let the author take you with her on the world's most international of television investigations - and into diamond mines. Travel to Russia, to Arctic Canada, into the cutting workshops of New York's Fifth Avenue, into those of Israel - and of India.

In my book I ail also take you to the fantastically rich Atlantic coast of Southern Africa known as "the Forbidden Zone" where they literally vacuum up diamonds and can them like peas. Learn how De Beers can make flawless gems from sewage gas. Learn diamond secrets hidden for decades. Be smuggled with me into secret diamond prospects in Australia. Find out how powerful directors of De Beers tried and failed to stop our film being seen in Canada and the UK - and succeeded in Australia.

And also learn how a major American diamond mine was sabotaged so the US would not have its own diamond supplies. Read how Nazi Germany was secretly supplied with the vital diamonds needed to keep the war going- and why De Beers was accused by outraged US government officials of sabotaging the Allied war effort. De Beers strenuously denied this - so read the evidence.


The author first investigated the diamond trade for Australian Aboriginal Land Councils fighting to protect sacred sites from diamond miners - then as an investigative television producer for the top `US "Frontline" investigative program, for the BBC and the ABC in Australia and, after recovering from being critically ill following an assault during her diamond investigation, she investigated diamonds for Doubleday before they cancelled her book.

Above all else, this is the story of one woman's fight to get out the truth about diamonds.

I have told of the efforts to suppress the film - read on to discover the efforts to Suppress the book

Transworld, owners of "Doubleday", initially commissioned a Reader's Assessment of the book's first draft. Their Reader's report concluded:

"The manuscript is accomplished, important, sensational and a hot property."

This lead to Transworld, the owners of Doubleday, purchasing world-wide rights to my diamond book. Transworld, one of the world's richest publishing houses, facilitated my research for the book in Southern Africa, lending me a luxury flat on Table Mountain. They designed the book's cover, advertised it's forthcoming appearance in their catalogue - but then suddenly cancelled,writing to me to say they could not afford an expected battle with rich and important people. This was most extraordinary. They had paid me most of my advance, spent much money on the book, did not bring up any legal objections - and had told me that two major newspapers were interested in serialisation the book.

Click here to read Doubleday's review of her book as published in their Forthcoming Titles Catalogue

Their decision made it difficult for me to find a publisher since it made others nervous. Thus another major publisher at first said it would clearly make a "superb" book, but then wrote saying "I hope you find a publisher less cowardly than us." It should however be noted that this was for a 1995 version.

BUT in 2003 - I found a great fast publisher in New York - one called, tongue-in-cheek "Disinformation Inc.", for it is dedicated to bringing to you the information that the powerful do not want you to have. To read the Publishers Website, Click Here.

A Personal Note - if you want to learn more about the author, buy her new book The Seven Days of My Creation - It is an honest, humorous and personal account of the remarkable spiritual, gender and adventurous journey that led her to devote herself to work not just on diamonds but also on health, environmental and social justice issues around the world - and the many adventures she had in remote lands. It has received 5 star reviews on Amazon - as riveting, fascinating and impossible to put down - and you can buy it here

More on the diamond film "The Diamond Empire"

It helped initiate the international Blood Diamond campaign. It was the most international of investigative movies ever made. Janine Roberts raised its budget of $1 million from pre-sales in 3 continents and was its senior producer and senior journalist. It is available here as a CD that can be played by anyone with the free and widely available Realplayer, Windows Media Player or Quicktime programs. Buy it now - and show it to your friends. It is a gem that De Beers does not want marketed - so get it quick!It is available by itself - or bundled with the book for a reduced price.

More on the diamond book "Glitter and Greed"


The purchase of engagement diamonds supports a diamond trade heavily involved in debt bonded child labour and hazardous work practices illegal in the US or Britain. The book details what the author found inside De Beers diamond mines. It gives previously secret details of illicit trade in "blood" diamonds. It tells of all the frauds that customers can be exposed to when they try to buy an engagement ring. It calls for diamonds not to be bought unless they have been Certified as free from all child labour, mined with full safety equipment and free from "blood" from wars. This can be done. The power to do so is in the hands of consumers.

Find out how one family came to control the diamond trade -and still rules it despite their operations being illegal under US law. Discover the vaults under the streets of New York where there are stockpiles of millions of diamonds that were not needed by the US but were bought on White House orders in order to quietly support corrupt African dictators without the American people knowing.

A personal confession by the author

I was, I admit, probably somewhat naive in undertaking this lengthy investigation. I thought I would not be attacked - but during it I was assaulted, became critically ill and spent 2 months in hospital - and lawyers seeking control over my film pursued me even when I was in danger of death. I was likewise naive in not foreseeing the pressure my publisher Transworld would come under when it announced before publication my forthcoming book. Previously my investigations had ran top of front page in major newspapers without legal trouble - so I did not expect a very major book publisher to be so scared of the Diamond Empire.

About the Author.

Her human rights work has been funded by many Church and Overseas Aid organisation or NGOs. She is deeply committed for working to protect a world and creation that she sees as sacred, and to fight the "false gods" of greed and materialism. In Australia she worked with Aborigines who smuggled her through security gates into the world's largest diamond mine - built on a Woman's Sacred Dreaming Place. Her work for Aborigines fighting to protect sacred sites from diamond mining led her to writing major articles on diamonds and human rights for most of the major Australian newspapers - and then into making the above-mentioned film

In Namibia she recently was the Keynote Speaker at the First Post-Apartheid Conference of Southern African Mineworkers. She also gained entry to "The Forbidden Zone" - where De Beers hid its diamond wealth - and to De Beers diamond mines inside South Africa despite being banned by De Beers. She has spent some 40 years in human rights work, .

In India she has visited many of the diamond dust stained workshops in which children as young as 8 cut the world's gem diamonds - many of them in Debt Bondage - which the UN calls a modern form of slavery.

In Canada she was the guest of the Dene Indians on whose caribou rutting grounds diamonds had been discovered..

To the Resume of the Author - find out more about her work with Aborigines


Ms Janine Farrell-Roberts - whose human rights work has been sponsored by the World Council of Churches, the Methodists, Catholics and by many major charities is available to be booked for entertaining, informative and hard-hitting talks, workshops and conferences.

She is the Director of the Association for Reform of the Diamond Industry.

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